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Image of Language learning

Language learning

Language learning, together with other transversal skills and competences are not specifically related to a particular discipline or area of knowledge, but are relevant to a broad range of occupations and sectors. They can be addressed as skills that contribute to the development of a person.

Image of Critical and innovative thinking

Critical and innovative thinking

The ability to analyse and evaluate information in a systematic and logical manner, while also generating new and original ideas through creative and divergent thinking. It involves questioning assumptions, considering multiple perspectives, recognising patterns and connections, and applying knowledge and experience to solve complex problems.

Image of Inter-personal skills

Inter-personal skills

The ability to communicate effectively, understand and empathise with others, work collaboratively in teams, and navigate conflicts skilfully, contributing to positive and productive relationships in various personal and professional settings.

Image of Media and information literacy

Media and information literacy

The ability to access, analyse, evaluate, create and communicate information effectively and responsibly using various forms of media.

Image of Intra-personal skills

Intra-personal skills

The ability to understand oneself and engage in self-reflection for continuous self-improvement and personal development. The ability to manage one's behaviour and emotions effectively in the pursuit of personal goals. The attitude of a positive mindset with enthusiasm and perseverance.

Image of Global citizenship

Global citizenship

The awareness, understanding, and acceptance of one's role and responsibilities as a member of the global community. The recognition that the world is interconnected and interdependent, and that their actions can have an impact not only locally but also globally. This involves knowledge of global issues, such as climate change, poverty, inequality, and human rights, and the ability to critically analyse and understand their causes and consequences. It also involves having a respect for cultural diversity and an ability to communicate and collaborate with people from different backgrounds and perspectives. A global citizen demonstrates a commitment to social and environmental justice, and actively works towards creating positive change both locally and globally.