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ECIU University - change the way of learning and create real impact.

The European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) is the leading international network of research-intensive universities. Since 2019, ECIU members are developing one European University.

At the core of ECIU University is challenge-based learning or in short CBL. Students, learners, teachers, researchers, representatives of businesses, public organisations, and NGOs team up across multiple disciplines to solve real-life challenges.


Challenges are learning opportunities that engage diverse teams to solve real-life problems using a novel and practical method of challenge-based learning (CBL).

Challenges are provided by ECIU University partners – private and public organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

CBL is unique as learners take ownership: they define the problems they want to work on and during the course acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to solve the challenge.

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Micro-modules are short learning opportunities that support learners to fill their knowledge gaps and boost their capabilities to successfully engage in ECIU University challenges. Learners can take micro-modules together with challenges or create their own learning path.

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A micro-credential is the record of the learning outcome obtained following a successful short volume of learning and e-sealed by ECIU. It details the acquired competencies such as expertise level and ESCO (European skills, competencies, and occupations) as per European Standards.

Learners can easily receive, store, and share micro-credentials online – this supports them in personalizing their learning path, as well as showcasing newly obtained competencies.

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Why participate?

Make a real impact

The ECIU University learning opportunities are developed around certain thematic topics and actual problems that communities and organisations face at this very moment. You gain first-hand experience and the possibility to contribute to real societal change.

Acquire practical skills

Develop your problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, planning, collaboration and teamwork skills or learn a language and develop your intercultural skills.

Transform ideas into reality

CBL is a learner-driven method, where you take ownership of the challenge, define the problems you want to work on, and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to solve the challenge. You and your team engage in the problem, investigate the situation and develop a fitting solution.

Collaborate with businesses, companies and organisations

Grow your network of connections and work with representatives of business companies, public organisations or NGOs from different backgrounds along with other learners, teachers and experts.

Gain international experience

The possibility to study at different European universities. Go on a short-term exchange, meet up for a few days or participate online.

Earn recognition

After successful completion of a learning outcome an ECIU certificate or digital credential is awarded to you. There is always the possibility to receive a transcript of records or a diploma supplement if necessary.

How it works

Explore and apply

Explore ECIU University learning opportunities on this platform.

Find a challenge or micro-module you are interested in, sign up now and apply for the learning opportunity.

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  • Be an enrolled student of one of the 13 ECIU University member institutions while having completed at least 120 ECTS during higher education studies (exemptions may apply when possible)
  • Have a B2 level of English language proficiency (Self-assessment, CEFR of languages)

If you are not an enrolled student of the ECIU network and you are interested in ECIU learning opportunities, then please contact us via this contact form.

Your learning experience

Your learning experience starts once you are successfully admitted to a learning opportunity. More details about the specific schedule of activities, workload, mobility options and other expectations can be found on each learning opportunity page or in your profile.

Do you have a question? Then reach out to us via this contact form or find your answer in the FAQ.

After your learning experience is completed

After the successful completion of your learning opportunity, you will receive an ECIU certificate or a digital credential with the possibility of a diploma supplement. Do you want to know more about ECIU credentialing or workload, then please contact us via this contact form.

Questions and practical information

Please contact our Service and Support staff via this contact form.


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