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Entrepreneurship, technology and innovation

Entrepreneurship, technology and innovation

Creating and implementing innovative business ideas using technology


The ability to identify and evaluate new business opportunities, develop and implement innovative strategies to capitalise on these opportunities, leverage technology to create new products or services, and adapt to changing market conditions. It also involves skills such as problem-solving, creativity, risk management, and strategic thinking.

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Image of Project management

Project management

The ability to manage projects and programme activities. The knowledge of variables implied in project management such as time, resources, requirements, deadlines, and responding to unexpected events.

Image of Social innovation

Social innovation

The ability to innovate for social needs. The knowledge of innovative models, products or services which meet a social need and have as a consequence the creation of new collaborations in the social field.

Image of Working with technology

Working with technology

The ability, knowledge and skills required to effectively use and leverage various types of technology to accomplish work-related tasks and goals.

Image of Entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurial skills

The ability to develop entrepreneurial and financial skills and competencies through organising and managing an own business venture, identifying and pursuing opportunities and mobilising resources, keeping in mind a profitability perspective.

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