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Inter-personal skills

Inter-personal skills

Fostering relationships through effective communication, empathy, collaboration, and conflict resolution.


The ability to communicate effectively, understand and empathise with others, work collaboratively in teams, and navigate conflicts skilfully, contributing to positive and productive relationships in various personal and professional settings.

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The ability to effectively and confidently work within a group. The mindset and ability to cooperate with each other and handle the team dynamics required for everyone to do their part for the whole. The ability to cooperate, negotiate meanings with each other, and build knowledge together to achieve a shared goal. The knowledge of how to structure teams, depending on the context, to effectively work towards cooperation for group goals.

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Non-verbal communication skills

The ability and awareness to notice and interpret the non-verbal signals that people send out with their body, including oneself. The active communication with colleagues and others using body language and other non-verbal cues in order to ensure effective and clear working relationships.

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Conflict resolution

The ability to navigate and resolve conflicts or disputes between people or groups. The mindset to understand perspectives and aspects of the conflict, and work to improve the situation. This encompasses reducing the negative aspects of a conflict and increasing the positive outcomes of it by learning from the errors made.

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The ability to act in an understanding and supportive manner that is sensitive to others' needs and feelings. The ability to communicate and demonstrate empathy and consideration for others and their perspective. This includes a capacity to understand various verbal and non-verbal communication of sentiment, feeling, and emotions.

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Verbal Communication skills

The ability to communicate effectively with others. To be able to consider other perspectives, reflect, and clearly communicate one's opinions. The ability to actively listen carefully to others, understand points being made, and formulate appropriate questions, without interrupting at inappropriate times. Patiently listen to the needs of customers, clients, passengers, service users or others, and provide solutions accordingly.

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