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Global citizenship

Global citizenship

Awareness of global interdependence, social responsibility, cultural diversity


The awareness, understanding, and acceptance of one's role and responsibilities as a member of the global community. The recognition that the world is interconnected and interdependent, and that their actions can have an impact not only locally but also globally. This involves knowledge of global issues, such as climate change, poverty, inequality, and human rights, and the ability to critically analyse and understand their causes and consequences. It also involves having a respect for cultural diversity and an ability to communicate and collaborate with people from different backgrounds and perspectives. A global citizen demonstrates a commitment to social and environmental justice, and actively works towards creating positive change both locally and globally.

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The ability to show acceptance of others and take on new ideas and experiences. The mindset to be interested and open to the problems of others while being aware and conscious of one's biases and prejudices and actively considering these.



The ability to accept and respect differences in opinions, beliefs, and behaviours of others who hold different views or come from diverse cultures and backgrounds.


Respect for Diversity

The ability to show tolerance and appreciation for different values and norms held by different people and cultures. The mindset and awareness to respect, always, that these values, norms, and perspectives are developed under different circumstances and in different times and places.


Intercultural understanding

The ability to actively attempt to understand and respect people who are perceived to have different cultural affinities, and respond effectively and respectfully to them. The ability to demonstrate cross-cultural competence in adapting to cross-cultural situations with a considerations for the different backgrounds and perspectives of those from different cultural backgrounds.

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