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Image for learning opportunity Intercomprehension and Intercultural Skills in Romance and Germanic Languages

Intercomprehension and Intercultural Skills in Romance and Germanic Languages

Intercomprehension and Intercultural Skills in Romance and Germanic Languages

Understand Languages You Have Never Learnt in an Intercultural Context
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Discover the fascinating world of intercomprehension! This micromodule introduces you to strategies for understanding and communicating across twelve Romance and Germanic languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, Romanian, English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish). Tailored to fit each student's linguistic background, this course emphasizes playful and interactive learning to help your broaden your linguistic horizons.

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7 July – 20 September 2024
Study period
7 October – 9 December 2024
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INSA Group
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Learning outcomes

Analyse and interpret written and spoken texts in multiple foreign language

Develop your language intercomprehension skills and deploy appropriate strategies to understand written and spoken texts.


Demonstrate intercultural competence

Apply intercultural competence in diverse team settings to effectively communicate and collaborate with peers from different cultural backgrounds.


Work collaboratively in multicultural teams

Collaborate effectively in multicultural teams to complete group projects, demonstrating teamwork and intercultural communication skills.


Engage in constructive reflective practices

Evaluate your own learning processes and strategies through regular self-reflection and feedback sessions.


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Are you eager to navigate the rich tapestry of European languages and cultures, enhancing your communication skills and intercultural competence? If so, this micro-module is designed for you!

In this engaging and dynamic course, you will explore the fascinating concept of intercomprehension – the ability to understand a language without having studied it formally. This skill is invaluable in our interconnected world, where grasping multiple languages opens doors to diverse opportunities. You’ll delve into 12 languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, Romanian, English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish, tailoring your learning to match your linguistic background.

But it’s not just about languages. This module immerses you in the cultural nuances that shape communication and worldviews. Working in multilingual and multicultural teams, you will gain hands-on experience in collaborative projects, enhancing your intercultural awareness. You’ll also get the chance to participate in a unique escape game that will challenge you to apply everything you've learned in a fun, interactive setting.

Throughout the course, you’ll maintain a reflective journal to track your progress and insights, enhancing your self-reflection skills. This practice will help you critically evaluate your learning process and adapt your strategies for better outcomes.

By the end of this module, you will have strengthened your linguistic abilities and your capacity to work effectively in diverse teams, a skill highly valued in today’s globalised job market. Join us and embark on a journey that will expand your horizons, deepen your cultural understanding, and equip you with practical skills for the future.

Hosting university

INSA Group

INSA Group