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Beyond Boring Green Narratives

Beyond Boring Green Narratives

How can we make sustainability education interesting?
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Our challenge

Did you know that 90% of current sustainability communication fails to engage and often comes off as boring or overly corporate? Too often, it's a variation of “we’re all going to die”, “what do you need to know about legislation X”, or “look at us, we’re bragging about insignificant stuff, and we’re not telling that it was mandatory to do by law.” This challenge is designed to change that. We seek innovative and creative minds to transform how sustainability is communicated. Your mission is to develop approaches, solutions, or content that make sustainability communication far more engaging and unconventional than the usual compliance and legal jargon. Companies like Adform, a leading global advertising technology company, are seeking fresh ideas to enhance their sustainability communication. By participating in this challenge, you will help create engaging and interactive content that captures people's attention and makes sustainability more interesting. Not only will you enhance your skills in creating impactful communication strategies and gain a deeper understanding of sustainability in the advertising industry, but you'll also contribute to making sustainability interesting and actionable for a global audience. Join us in making a global impact through the power of engaging communication!

Study format
Application period
15 June – 22 September 2024
Study period
3 October – 19 December 2024
Hosting university
Kaunas University of Technology
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Learning outcomes

Create and present ideas and prototypes

Create and effectively present innovative ideas and developed prototypes tailored to the requirements of unique audience.


Pinpoint research direction

Self-sufficiently pinpoint a unique and impactful research direction, utilizing existing knowledge and acquired competencies.


Tackle real-world issues

Innovatively tackle complex real-world issues using the core tenets of challenge-based learning methodology.


Utilise teamwork and leadership principles

Utilise effective teamwork and leadership principles while collaborating within diverse, interdisciplinary teams.


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Our story starts in 2002 in Copenhagen, where three friends pioneered one of the earliest Ad Servers. Since then, we've grown into a global media buying platform. We enable major advertisers, publishers, and agencies in over 25 markets to create, buy, and sell digital advertising. And we like to do things differently. “Change the game” is our motto.

What’s in it for us? Fresh ideas. Education is a key aspect of our sustainability communications strategy, but there’s a big difference in what is interesting for corporate clients, LinkedIn bubble, or young employees. By making sustainability communication interesting, we can help the advertising industry towards its green goals.

What’s in it for you? A glimpse into the sustainability within the advertising industry (admit it, you don’t know much about it). Crash course in corporate B2B storytelling. Also, deliverables of your challenge will be used in real life by us, and likely by you as well in the future. Who knows, maybe that will be the basis of your next unicorn startup.

Hosting university

Kaunas University of Technology

Kaunas University of Technology

Challenge provider