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Image for learning opportunity Industry 4.0: Smart Machining

Industry 4.0: Smart Machining

Industry 4.0: Smart Machining

Analysing and improving the industrial machining process
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The Smart Machining micromodule is focused on the advanced techniques of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) in 5-axis machines. Through practical examples and hands-on projects, participants will learn how smart machining technologies can drive innovation and competitiveness in industry. The courses introduces the various types of sensors used in these systems and how they can contribute to process optimisation. You will learn about communication protocols with CNC machines, the integration of sensors' response with the database, and how you should carry out impactful data analysis. You will explore cutting forces and their impact on machining processes, learning to predict these forces for improved outcomes. The course also examines machining dynamics, providing insights into vibration and stability. Finally, a significant focus is placed on data analysis, collecting and interpreting machining data for continuous improvement and predictive maintenance.

Study format
Application period
7 July – 20 September 2024
Study period
1 October – 15 December 2024
Hosting university
INSA Group
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Learning outcomes

Predict the lobe diagrams using mechanistic aproach


Understand the data format taken from machines (json and xml)

You will also be able to understand how the network for acquistion works.


Work in an international team to propose a machining process and analyse experimental data

You will collaborate with team members to determine a machining process for your team's case study, and then analyse the experimental data from a real machining process.


Predict forces in a simplified machining operation compiling a basic programming code.


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The Smart Machining micromodule is designed to equip you with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills in the field of advanced manufacturing. By taking this micromodule, you will delve into the sophisticated techniques that underpin smart machining.

The course is divided in two parts: three modules of 6 hours each and a project for analysing the experimental data. Each module is composed of 2 hours of online classes and 4 hours of assignment with the professor. The project is composed of 8 hours of synchronous work and the students should be able to work on the project between each week to evaluate its personal task in the group. The evaluation is part based on the assignments and part on the project work. By the end of the module, we expect that the students are convinced that the data can be useful to improve productivity on industry in practice.

By the end of the module, students will possess an understanding of smart machining technologies and their practical applications. This knowledge will empower them to contribute to the advancement of manufacturing processes, making them valuable assets to any industry focused on innovation and efficiency. The skills acquired in this course will prepare students for roles in advanced manufacturing, process optimization, and industrial automation, positioning them at the forefront of the smart manufacturing revolution.

Hosting university

INSA Group

INSA Group