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Image for learning opportunity Participate in an online challenging A2 level French class

Participate in an online challenging A2 level French class

Participate in an online challenging A2 level French class

A unique interactive online experience to learn some more French and to get to know about the country in a pluricultural environment


If you love France, if you would like to study or travel in France one day, or if you're simply interested in a basic knowledge of the French language and culture : this course is for you! You will broaden you mind as a future engineer while interacting with students from other countries in Europe, sharing interests, ideas, building a strong community around France and so developing further your intercultural skills!

Study format
Application period
31 January – 23 February 2024
Study period
8 March – 24 May 2024
Hosting university
INSA Group
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Learning outcomes

Improve your french from level A1 to level A2


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In a unique online environment : 50% synchronous and 50% asynchronous.

You will belearners from different countries working together in French on 2 projects:

  • Discovering (only online) Lyon in France and many other cities

  • Studying here and there

A French tutor will guide through a wide range of activities that will help you realize yourproject in groups encouraging you to use French.

For example, the class will encourage you :

  • to talk about yourself,

  • to describe a city,

  • to share your points of interests in a city,

  • to talk about your learning environment, your studies, your friends, the food, your night outs and so forth.

It will focus on anintercultural approach putting things in perspective.

It will also give youtools for an (eventual) future international exchange.

Hosting university

INSA Group

INSA Group