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Image for learning opportunity Capacity building tools enabling integration of immigrant and re-immigrant children into schools

Capacity building tools enabling integration of immigrant and re-immigrant children into schools

Capacity building tools enabling integration of immigrant and re-immigrant children into schools

What tools can empower schools to foster seamless integration of immigrants' and re-immigrants' children into the education system?

Our challenge

The number of international talents, Lithuanian diaspora and migrants is increasing and people often relocate with their families. Schools in Kaunas are not fully prepared to integrate foreign children. The problem arises due to lack of: English and Russian speaking teachers; motivation and resources in finding what works best for the children from different cultures; knowledge on how to organise a class work when some children don’t speak the local language.

Study format
Application period
28 August – 29 September 2023
Study period
5 October – 22 December 2023
Hosting university
Kaunas University of Technology
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Learning outcomes

Learning Outcome 1

Identify and formulate a research question


Learning Outcome 2

Work effectively in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams


Learning Outcome 3

Create innovative ideas and developed prototypes by solving complex real-world challenges


Learning Outcome 4

Clearly present the created solutions


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The challenge is provided by the economical development agency “Kaunas IN”. It's goal is to facilitate the transformation of the Kaunas city’s economy to the higher added value economy. Therefore, we work to attract foreign direct investments (FDI) to the city while making Kaunas a more suitable location for FDI companies to open a branch. Successful integration of international talent (and their family members) into the social, labour and educational environments is one of the key factors in the facilitation of FDI companies. Also, because of declining demographics, the city’s ability to integrate foreign talent, re-emigrating diaspora and refugees adds up massively to the economic growth of the city.

With over 50 secondary schools, only 2 of them are capable to fully integrate foreign children. The major obstacle is language barriers. It can hinder active participation, comprehension, and social integration for migrant children, impacting both their academic performance and social connections within the school community. Also, insufficient teacher resources, including a lack of language-proficient educators and limited training in addressing the needs of migrant students, further impede integration efforts. As there are no sufficient funds, creativity and motivation become the only options. Most of the schools are lacking the latter. Therefore, the challenge is to find tools and means for schools to learn how to integrate foreign schoolchildren. The aim is to make a value proposition that is higher than the difficulties and inconveniences the schools would experience.

Hosting university

Kaunas University of Technology

Kaunas University of Technology

Challenge provider

Kaunas IN