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Image for learning opportunity Autonomous Delivery Robots: the future of delivery services in urban environments

Autonomous Delivery Robots: the future of delivery services in urban environments

Autonomous Delivery Robots: the future of delivery services in urban environments

How can robotic delivery systems overcome technical, ethical and legal challenges and contribute to sustainable cities?
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Our challenge

In today's rapidly evolving urban landscapes, there is a growing need for efficient, short-distance daily transportation solutions. With increasing traffic congestion and the push for eco-friendly alternatives, the demand for innovative delivery systems is more pressing than ever. As cities expand and the pace of life picks up, the necessity for reliable and swift delivery services that can navigate crowded urban environments becomes crucial. This scenario sets the stage for the development and deployment of advanced robotic delivery systems that can seamlessly integrate into daily life, providing convenience while reducing environmental impact.

Study format
Application period
20 June – 1 September 2024
Study period
5 September – 13 December 2024
Hosting university
Linkoping University
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Learning outcomes

Communication and presentation

Orally and in writing communicate solutions to parties with different backgrounds and domain knowledge.


Group dynamics

Discuss and reflect on group processes and group dynamics in open innovation processes where individuals from different professions collaborate in a cross disciplinary way.


Innovation process

Account for and apply different frameworks to handle ethical and sustainability related aspects of the innovation process.


Problem solving

In group develop and present a sustainable and value creating solution on a challenge.


Project work

Conduct a complex cross-disciplinary project based on a real life, actual challenge in group.


Reflection on learning process

Reflect over learning processes, dynamics and the own role in the group process.


Reflection on the innovation process

Reflect on the innovation process from business-, sustainability- and ethical perspectives.



Independently formulate research questions and contribute with relevant domain knowledge and skills.


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This project explores the feasibility of using autonomous robots for the delivery of goods and services in urban environments. It encompasses the technical, legal, and ethical aspects of implementing self-driving delivery systems in cities. Additionally, it addresses the question of how to encourage businesses, companies, and private individuals to adopt and utilize this service.

The challenge involves developing a robust framework that ensures the safe and efficient operation of these robots while gaining public trust and acceptance. This includes overcoming hurdles related to navigation, obstacle avoidance, and real-time decision-making in dynamic city settings, as well as addressing regulatory compliance and ethical considerations.

About the challenge provider:

Dyno Robotics strives to create robots and AI solutions that make people's lives better. We are based in Linköping, Sweden, and we have our roots at Linköping University. Having spent many years at the robotics labs inventing things, we saw that there were many great technologies that were slow to reach the market. Therefore, we founded Dyno Robotics in 2018. The core of Dyno Robotics consists of people who love turning complex technology into valuable solutions and engaging experiences.

Hosting university

Linkoping University

Linkoping University

Challenge provider

Dyno Robotics AB