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ReThinking (in systems) the energy transition in a Metropolis

ReThinking (in systems) the energy transition in a Metropolis

Towards a global and systemic approach to support the energy transition of the Rouen Normandy Metropolis.
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Our challenge

Acting alone in ecological transition, as an individual, considerably limits the consequences of our actions and often generates a feeling of powerlessness or inefficiency. By changing scale, countries, regions and even metropolises support technical and technological approaches, promote the development of industrial and economic sectors, and commit their territory to strategies with ambitious objectives. But how can we, as citizens, feel involved or listened to under these conditions? What impact will these strategies have on my daily life? Will these solutions really benefit everyone? Is this the right approach? This challenge offers you the opportunity to help the Rouen Normandy Metropolitan Area which represents an area of 500,000 inhabitants to the north-west of Paris, to rethink its energy transition by considering all the external factors and impacts acting on the territory, and not by limiting to technical actions. Your mission is to develop and formulate a systemic approach for re-evaluating the energy transition of The Rouen Normandy metropolis, "thinking in systems".

Study format
Application period
18 September – 31 October 2023
Study period
16 January – 16 April 2024
Hosting university
INSA Group

Learning outcomes

Learning outcome 1

Understand the concept of territory, encompassing a metropolis or a region, with all its internal and external fluxes.


Learning outcome 2

Identify the stakeholders engaged in the energy transition of a territory of this scale, whether directly or indirectly.


Learning outcome 3

Develop the capacity to formulate a systemic approach for re-evaluating the energy transition of a metropolis, "thinking in systems".


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By taking part in this challenge with the Rouen Normandy Metropolitan Area, you participate in an ultra-ambitious project, driven by the high expectations of the metropolis, making the most of meetings with international experts, fun and practical approaches.

Are you a student in management? Geography? Law? Socio-psychology? Political sciences? Ecology? Engineering? Data science or urbanism?

If you are, this challenge is for you with a rich programme giving you the opportunity to work in a team with the local stakeholders and the students coming from 13 different countries all around Europe.

And the most important, to work on the ground in direct cooperation with different territorial actors looking for real and practical results.

Watch out this video to know more about this challenge: click here !

Hosting university

INSA Group

INSA Group

Challenge provider

Métropole Rouen Normandie