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Business Development and Innovation

Business Development and Innovation

Sustainable Business Develeopment and Innovation: The Firm Perspective
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Sustainable innovation is vital for firms' growth and competitiveness, offering both social and economic benefits. Today's leading companies primarily compete through innovation - this includes continuous product development, process enhancements, organizational changes, or exploring new markets. In the knowledge economy, firms must strategize their innovation approach and foster an environment conducive to creative growth. This course equips students with a critical understanding of firm strategies in innovation management. By examining real-world innovation processes in both private and public sectors, students will gain practical skills in sustainably managing innovation. Additionally, the course offers hands-on experience through collaborations with local firms.

Study format
Application period
19 December 2023 – 25 January 2024
Study period
1 March – 6 May 2024
Hosting university
University of Stavanger
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Learning outcomes


After completing the course, the student should have a solid understanding of the scholarly debate on innovation in the management sciences, including: - The importance of innovation to firms - ldentifying strategic capabilities - Sources of innovation - The process of innovation - Leadership an organization of innovation - Strategies for innovation - Getting innovations to market - Responsible and social innovations - User as innovators



After competing the course, the students will be able to: - Present and critically assess different scholarly theories and hypotheses, as well as strategy and/or policy statements, related to innovation - Conduct an analysis of the drivers and/or outcomes of innovation in real organizations - Discuss different strategies for promoting innovation in a firm - Contribute to the management of a firm's innovation process


General competence

After completing the course, the student should have the following general competence in: - Academic writing - Search and review relevant literature - Presentation and academic discussion - Ability to conduct fieldwork in the organizations - Ability to analyze firm innovation standpoint through theoretical lenses


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Entrepreneurship, technology and innovation

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Innovation is increasingly important for the development and competitiveness of firms and to deliver social as well as economic va lues for societies. Today's most successful firms compete mainly through innovation, whether in the form of continuous development of new products, improvement of processes or organizational forms, or identification of new markets. In order to survive in the knowledge economy, firms need strategies for what kind of innovations to pursue and how to promote innovation by designing the necessary preconditions. In this context, knowledge, and understanding of innovation is an important assets. Additionally, innovations increasingly should contribute to generating social and environmental values, addressing Grand Social Challenges. Through this course, students will develop a critical perspective of the firm strategies for the management of the innovation process. Through investigation of the innovation processes in real private or public organizations during the course, students will acquire the skills to assist in managing the firm innovation process in a responsible way. Students enrolled in this course have the opportunity to work with local firms. 


The course will take up the following topics:

  • Disruptive innovation
  • Exploring innovation space
  • lnnovation as a process
  • Sources of innovaion
  • Dynamic capabilities
  • lnnovation strategy
  • Lean for innovation
  • lnnovation in public organizations
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Gate stage process, agile model of innovation
  • Open innovation

Hosting university

University of Stavanger

University of Stavanger