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Image for learning opportunity CARE (data sensors and virtual reality)

CARE (data sensors and virtual reality)

CARE (data sensors and virtual reality)

Students will discover medical monitoring systems, the assembly of sensors and the transmission and analysis of medical data


This micro-module will focus on connected health devices, remote medical monitoring and the surveillance of human health at home or in a medical environment. Students will learn how to scan an object with 3D scanner, assemble and dissemble medical sensors in virtual reality and work on transmission and analysis of medical data. This micro-module will enable a wide audience to discover digital health, particularly those who will have a link with the health field in their future professional life.

Study format
Application period
19 December 2023 – 8 March 2024
Study period
11 March – 31 May 2024
Hosting university
INSA Group
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Learning outcomes

Describe the principle of medical monitoring systems (glucose monitoring)


Scan an object with a 3D scanner and design a 3D model of a monitoring device


Assemble a medical monitoring device in a virtual reality environment


Summarise the methodology used and the main results in a foreign language


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  • You always wanted to know how to measure blood sugar and how to analyse the data? In this micro-module, you will learn how the sensors work, how to do a 3D scan and inject a 3D model in a VR environment.

  • Interested students can be equipped with a glucose sensor, measuring continuously their level of blood sugar and learn about the influence of food on the data.

Hosting university

INSA Group

INSA Group