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Finnish 1

Finnish 1

Finnish up online (Spring 24 implementation)


The Tampere University Language Centre arranges this introductory course on the Finnish language. If you are planning an exchange period to Tampere University or any other university in Finland, this is the perfect course to help you get acquainted with the very basics of Finnish language and culture.

Study format
Application period
6 August 2023 – 15 March 2024
Study period
10 January – 29 April 2024
Hosting university
Tampere University
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Learning outcomes

Learning Outcome 1

The student will communicate in a simple way in the most basic everyday situations.


Learning Outcome 2

The student will understand the most familiar words and short phrases in their context.


Learning Outcome 3

The student will write very short notes on simple and the most common topics using the most basic and simple vocabulary and very basic structures.


Learning Outcome 4

The student will pronounce clearly enough to be understood.


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This course is an introduction to the Finnish language. The target level of the course is A1.2, developing elementary proficiency (CEFR application by Finnish National Agency for Education). The course consists of self-study modules in Moodle. In addition to that, there are optional online meetings to practise interaction. By the end of the course the student will have tools for simple interaction using basic phrases to following topics: greetings, meeting people, introductions, food and drink, expressions of time.

No previous knowledge of the Finnish language is needed. This course is an online implementation consisting of different materials and activities. The teaching language is English.

Hosting university

Tampere University

Tampere University