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Image for learning opportunity Biometry: The Next Generation of Security

Biometry: The Next Generation of Security

Biometry: The Next Generation of Security

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This is a repeat of a popular ECIU micro-credential aimed to enable the learner to understand the scope of use of biometric authentication and to implement algorithms related to biometric identification. The course involves spending 1 week at the University of Aveiro for an intensive programme in September 2024 as well as online classes.

Study format
Application period
11 July – 31 July 2024
Study period
2 September – 20 September 2024
Hosting university
University of Aveiro
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Learning outcomes

Understand Core Principles of Biometrics

Students will be able to explain the core principles of biometrics, including the underlying concepts and technologies.


Analyze Modalities

After completing this course, the students will able to analyse different biometric modalities, evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for various applications.


Evaluate Systems

Students will be able to evaluate biometric systems in terms of security, performance, and ethical considerations, identifying areas for improvement.


Apply Multimodal Biometrics

Students will be able to apply knowledge of multimodal biometrics to design and implement robust authentication systems, integrating multiple biometric modalities for enhanced accuracy and security.


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Biometrics goes far beyond facial recognition and an individual's fingerprint. It is a technology that involves security and innovation and results in a pattern identification solution that confirms a person's identity by combining biological and/or behavioral characteristics, with biometric characteristics. Biometric characteristics are a very convenient way to authenticate a person, as they have a high degree of security and cannot be stolen, forgotten, or lost. In any business sector where customer identification is part of everyday activities, such as in banking, financial services industries, healthcare, and telecommunications, biometrics significantly reduces the time consumed in identifying customers/members/patients or identity selection. Taking advantage of the relevance of Biometrics for technological advancement and digital transformation of the industrial sector, this micro-credential aims to qualify graduates for the implementation and use of biometrics systems in their various applications.

Hosting university

University of Aveiro

University of Aveiro