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Image for learning opportunity Meet our neighbors: break the class, race, and gender segregation in Sant Joan Despí

Meet our neighbors: break the class, race, and gender segregation in Sant Joan Despí

Meet our neighbors: break the class, race, and gender segregation in Sant Joan Despí

How to break down barriers between neighborhoods, to promote coexistence and equal opportunities

Our challenge

The challenge is to build coexistence and a sense of identity, to improve social ties between neighborhoods and break prejudices and mental maps, based on the following question: what solutions exist to promote diversity and equal opportunities between the population of the different neighborhoods that make up the municipality, while creating experiences of global citizenship?

Study format
Application period
15 June – 6 October 2023
Study period
3 October – 30 November 2023
Hosting university
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
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Learning outcomes

Learning Outcome 1

Identify and analyze how citizenship identities are generated.


Learning Outcome 2

Study how mental constructs influence one’s map municipality in social relations and coexistence.


Learning Outcome 3

Apply innovative ideas for local policies, from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Learning Outcome 4

Learn to work on social challenges from a global point of view.


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Global citizenship

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Critical and innovative thinking

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During the last few years, Sant Joan Despí has grown from migratory processes that have contributed to the diversity that characterizes the Sant Joan neighborhood. In the last half century, the town has welcomed people from different parts of the world, expanding the population's diversity of origins, a phenomenon experienced by the whole of Catalonia. However, this process is not simple, it requires a mutual adaptation of the peoplewho arrive and those who were already there; there is a lack of knowledge, stereotypes and prejudices prevail and there is a lack of experience of living together.

All these dynamics are aggravated by the geographical structure of the city. It is a territory with neighborhoods divided by an industrial area in the process of being dismantled. In this sense, the various demographic transformations of recent years have been creating neighborhoods with very different social, economic, and cultural characteristics, which has become a situation of coexistence, rather than coexistence, on the part of the neighborhood.

Challenge Providers

Hosting University: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Stakeholder: Sant Joan Despí City Council

Hosting university

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Challenge provider

Sant Joan Despí City Council