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Transport and Mobility

Transport and Mobility

Seek solutions for achieving sustainable development of the way people and resources move around the world.


Effective transport and mobility is an integral part of achieving sustainable development across all scales, from city networks to rurban to national to international networks. Technological innovations are already delivering improvements to transport service delivery, user experience and environmental performance across various transport modes (road-based, rail, aerospace, active travel), but this is only the beginning. The world of transport will transform dramatically over the coming decade as new technology, such as decarbonised power sources, mobile communications, AI and big data radically transform the way that transport outcomes can be delivered.

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Sustainable transport policies

The ability to devise transport sector strategies and policies. Knowledge of the the public administration and regulatory aspects of the transportation and infrastructure sectors, and requirements necessary to create effective policies.


Low carbon transport

The ability to develop solutions for reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector. The skills to evaluate the most sustainable and cost-effective transport options, develop and implement strategies to promote low carbon transportation, and work collaboratively with stakeholders to achieve sustainable transportation goals. The knowledge of different types of low carbon transportation technologies and infrastructure, the environmental impacts of transportation, including air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and resource depletion. The strong sense of environmental responsibility, and a positive attitude towards sustainable transportation options.


Optimising movement

The ability to design and develop transport solutions based on the integration of digital technologies and data management. The knowledge to help promote the shift from personally-owned transport to on-demand and shared mobility services.


Air pollution

The ability to monitor environmental parameters related to air pollution and the knowledge of how to reduce the negative impact of consumption and manufacturing. The ability to analyse temperature levels, water quality and air pollution.

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