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Image for learning opportunity Responding to the metacrisis

Responding to the metacrisis

Responding to the metacrisis

Untangling myths and values to help us navigate our future


As the world stumbles from crisis to crisis, we are trying to make sense of the causes and figure out ways to deal with them. This module employs concepts such as values systems, normative competency and systems thinking to unpack the drivers behind the metacrisis to help formulate more coherent individual and collective responses.

Study format
Application period
19 January – 18 February 2024
Study period
20 February – 30 April 2024
Hosting university
Linkoping University
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Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding

Ability to think holistically about the current metacrisis in society, the drivers behind it and symptoms such as climate change, social tensions and ecocide.



Ability to self-reflect on professional responses given the predicaments of the metacrisis.


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The course introduces the concept of the metacrisis as a denominator for the Anthropocene, the climate crisis, the mass extinction of life and loss of trust and social cohesion in society. It introduces how value systems and identities relate to our responses to these crises around us, and explores how the understanding of values, and thinking in terms of interconnected complex systems can help us chart relevant paths ahead as professionals, members of communities and collaborators in ecosystems.

Hosting university

Linkoping University

Linkoping University