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SOI-070 Challenge Action Plan

SOI-070 Challenge Action Plan



Utilizing this micro-module, individuals can bolster their confidence by simulating challenges before encountering them, fostering a sense of preparedness that enables them to tackle challenges with unwavering self-assurance.

Study format
Application period
1 July – 24 November 2023
Study period
2 October – 22 December 2023
Hosting university
University of Trento
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Learning outcomes

Implement Innovation


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This course simulates real challenges in order to teach students two different methodologies to deliver meaningful solutions to challenge providers. In the challenge approach, understanding the problem is often considered half the way to its solution. Students are stimulated to gather information in creative ways, focusing on the problem without jumping to solutions. They will then pass on to the next phase (i.e. idea generation) once the problem, the stakeholder, the challenge and the methodology have been exhaustively analyzed.

We then take the opposite view and students are instructed to be concrete and effective in the generation of meaningful ideas and projects for the challenge provider.

We will also stress the importance of the final implementation of a sound action plan based on the information gathered in the first phase. Students will develop fields of play, or scenarios, where innovation is more likely to happen.

Hosting university

University of Trento

University of Trento