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Technical Communication Skills

Technical Communication Skills



The Technical Communication Skill is a hybrid micro-module taught over 3 weeks with an aim to provide a flexible learning opportunity to a diverse range of students. The micro-module is designed to provide students the necessary knowledge and skills to make technical presentations in both written and oral form. It will introduce the students to professional ethics and related issues while also helping students develop project management skills. The micro-module is facilitated and organised by Dr Monica Ward. Dr Ward is the Dean of Teaching and Learning, Dublin City University. She has extensive experience in teaching and assessment in a range of subjects from technical to transversal skills modules. She is a pioneer of the use of technology in education and she advocates a co-creation and culturally-responsive approach with academics and students.

Study format
Application period
1 January – 23 January 2023
Study period
30 January – 17 February 2023
Hosting university
Dublin City University
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Communication skills are not always something that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) students feel comfortable with - they often feel more comfortable with the technical aspect of things. However, communication skills are key skills that all students need to have - including technical students. These skills are particularly important when they have to interact with non-technical stakeholders. They have to be able to  explain themselves in a way that does not overwhelm people with jargon. There are many aspects of day-to-day life that can be improved with the use of ICT, but there is often a gap between what non-technical people know about ICT and what STEM students understand is possible and feasible. In this challenge, students will be asked to propose solutions, indicating how ICT can improve current systems across a wide range of fields.

The Micro-module

This micro-module will look at the use of technology to address one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - Sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11). It will give the students a chance to explore a wide variety of real-world challenges - How can IT be used to make Dublin smarter?  How can IT be used to make older buildings smarter? How can IT be used to combat inadequate infrastructure? How can IT be used to tackle lack of affordable housing? How can technology be applied to overcome the energy crisis? How can IT be used for aiding low-cost and effective transport? How can IT be used to support inclusivity on university campuses?

This micro-module will equip the students with tools for presentation and teach them effective communication particularly that directed towards a lay audience. The micro-module aims to help develop transversal skills which will prove to be advantageous for the students in future ECIU challenges, academics, and their future careers.

Hosting university

Dublin City University

Dublin City University