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Bridg3 Hackathon

Bridg3 Hackathon

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Our challenge

The ultimate hackathon around Web3 technology! A tipping point where developers, designers and business minds come together to create industry-shaping solutions. Previous knowledge of Web3 is not a requirement, though it is a plus.

Study format
Application period
24 April – 2 May 2023
Study period
5 May – 6 June 2023
Hosting university
Tampere University


Web3, also known as the decentralized web, is a vision for the future of the internet where users have more control over their data and digital assets. Unlike the current Web2 model, where large corporation store and manage our data, Web3 leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized, peer-to-peer network.

Are you ready to change the world? Bridg3 is a revolutionary opportunity for all Web3 enthusiasts to find groundbreaking solutions for the future. No experience with Web3, don't worry, Web3 pioneers will mentor you along the way so you can fight for the amazing prizes with your team.

Bridg3 is a 1-month long hackathon with 4 main events:

5.5. Kickoff event

The challenges are revealed and the teams start building their Web3 solutions right away. Over the coming weeks, Bridg3 mentors will offer their up-to-date knowledge to participants to help them on their journey.

16.5. Midway checkpoint

Teams are improving their solutions. With the help of our mentors, participants will have a clear vision of what to improve and what problems need to be solved in the final weeks.

30.5. Final checkpoint

Pitching training, finalizing the product. Team members will get training on how to pitch effectively for the final day! Teams keep working to polish and finalize their pilot product.

6.6. Final day

Peer Review by other participants and final assessment of the project by juries, general public, as well as challenge-specific assessment by partner representatives.

This hackathon will be hybrid, for this first pilot version ECIU students will participate fully online. You are required to find a team before the kickoff, but don't worry, please join the welcoming discord community and you will find a team in no time.

Hosting university

Tampere University

Tampere University