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CaaS: Build the City You Need

CaaS: Build the City You Need


Our challenge

Technologies are catalysts for transforming cities into 'smart' ones, but the process requires intentional planning, integration, and collaboration among various stakeholders. Without strategic implementation, technology alone may not guarantee automatic or effective transformation.

Study format
Application period
9 August – 24 November 2023
Study period
20 October – 30 November 2023
Hosting university
University of Trento
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Learning outcomes

Ecosystemic Approach

A way of thinking about and managing innovation that considers the entire ecosystem or environment in which a product, service, or technology operates.


Data Governance

A set of processes, policies, and practices that organizations use to manage and ensure the quality, integrity, security, and compliance of their data assets.


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Do you believe that technologies are automatically transforming our cities into ‘smart’ ones? 

The objective of this challenge is to leverage open data and develop creative and practical citizen-centric services. Cities are generally not able to give an effective answer to the differentiated set of citizens' needs, and to serve on demand. Students should identify how data-driven services can have a positive impact in different areas of application, such as transportation, public safety, health and well-being, education, or community engagement. To this end, they should be able to deal with data in terms of access, integration, analysis and visualization with the ultimate goal of extracting relevant knowledge by exploiting proper data science tools. Students will explore how to address the needs and preferences of the residents of the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) while enhancing their quality of life through open data-driven solutions.

Hosting university

University of Trento

University of Trento

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