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Image for learning opportunity Exploring the diversity of alcoholic beverages in the world.

Exploring the diversity of alcoholic beverages in the world.

Exploring the diversity of alcoholic beverages in the world.

How not to get lost in the infinite diversity of alcoholic beverages in the world.
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Are you into fermentation, distillation, alcohol sensory evaluation techniques, various technologies of alcohol production and other related issues? This micromodule will allow you to explore the profound diversity of alcoholic beverages across various geographical locations. It is divided into three main sections: 1) beer styles, 2) wine types, 3) spirits and other liquors – each focusing on the unique characteristics and flavour profiles of these three classes. A basic understanding of the role of raw materials and the different production processes will be explained. Both the traditional and the modern methods of production will be confronted. Particular attention will be drawn to the unique sensory attributes of the beverages for a given type/style and the geographical region of its origin.

Study format
Application period
28 February – 30 April 2024
Study period
1 March – 1 June 2024
Hosting university
Lodz University of Technology
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Learning outcomes

Learning Outcome 1

Identify diverse types of alcoholic beverages according to their geographical origin and production method.


Learning Outcome 2

Describe production methods used in beer, wine and spirit making.


Learning Outcome 3

Briefly explain the science of the conversion of raw materials into final alcoholic products.


Learning Outcome 4

List and explain sensory evaluation techniques used in beer, wine and spirit flavour assessment.


Learning Outcome 5

Discover the typical flavour characteristics for given alcoholic product and understand the role of microorganisms, production methods and raw materials in flavour experience of the final product.


Learning Outcome 6

Explore the modern trends in fermentation technologies and confront them with the traditional ones.


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This micromodule presents theoretical knowledge and supports the development of practical skills in the field of alcohol production, with particular emphasis on alcoholic beverages and their global socio-economical relevance, influence of the raw materials and production technology on beer flavour, sensory evaluation techniques in beer flavour assessment, the influence of grape varieties, yeast type, and maturation techniques on wine diversity, exploring wine regions, finding wine flaws. 

It contains sections specifically devoted to the topic of: beer production and styles; white wine, red wine, and orange wine production technology, as well as vodka, tequila, and whisky technologies.

Hosting university

Lodz University of Technology

Lodz University of Technology