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Innovative Entrepreneurship

Innovative Entrepreneurship


Our challenge

The challenge focuses on technology-based entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on ventures based on new products and services.

Study format
Application period
6 February – 12 March 2023
Study period
27 March – 19 May 2023
Hosting university
Linkoping University
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The overall purpose of the challenge is for students to acquire knowledge and abilities within the area of entrepreneurship, with particular focus on idea feasibility analysis and business planning for new, innovative ventures.

The challenge places emhasis on technology-based entrepreneurship, and ventures based on new products and services. It is divided into two themes, where the latter is the main one:

  • Innovative entrepreneurship. What is entrepreneurship? What are the specific conditions of new, innovative ventures and how can such ventures be organised?
  • Business planning for innovative ventures. To do a feasibility analysis: information requirements and analyses. To write and present a business plan. Within this themes, students work in groups to do a feasibility analysis and write a limited business plan for an innovative venture.

Students will choose from a variety of about 15-18 projects provided by Region Östergötland, the municilpalities of Linköping and Norrköping, and a number of start-ups.

Hosting university

Linkoping University

Linkoping University