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Energy and sustainability

Seeking energy solutions to achieve the trilemma of secure supply, affordability, and environmental sustainability.

Circular economy

Seeking solutions for resource flows that contribute to a sustainable, biodiverse environment.

Transport and Mobility

Seek solutions for achieving sustainable development of the way people and resources move around the world.

Resilient communities

Seek solutions for the healthy and sustainable development of communities in their structure, socio-political interactions, and connection with technological developments.

Entrepreneurship, technology and innovation

Creating and implementing innovative business ideas using technology

Critical and innovative thinking

Systematic analysis and creative problem solving

Inter-personal skills

Fostering relationships through effective communication, empathy, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

Intra-personal skills

Personal growth through self-awareness, emotional management, and resilient positivity for goal attainment

Global citizenship

Awareness of global interdependence, social responsibility, cultural diversity

Media and information literacy

Media and information literacy skills

Language learning

Effective reading, writing, speaking, and listening of languages

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